Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bizzy Babee Nursing Cover Review

Disclosure: I received a nursing cover from Bizzy Babee as a trade for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Bizzy Babee makes a nursing cover that is designed to be more fashionable than some of the standard options for breastfeeding mamas. (Which it is). The cover comes in a selection of trendy colors including purple, teal, pink, black, grey, and cream.

The nursing cover is a soft t-shirt material and is shaped a bit like a poncho. It has a cowl-neck and asymmetrical hem. One side has a slit over the arm to create a sleeve-like drape-y look.

I tested the cover out at a small town Farmer's Market. It was blouse-y enough to allow me to easily position my baby under it and see him through the neck hole to get a good latch. He latches on really well on his own now that he is 6-months-old though - and I have never been that graceful at nursing him with a cover over him. So if you are like me, then I'd say any nursing cover isn't for you if you have a young baby and are just starting out at breastfeeding. (But like I said, it's easier now that he has the neck/head control to lift himself to the breast and latch on without me having to guide him there).

The nursing cover comes in only one size, but it's plenty big. Yet I didn't feel like I was completely swallowed in a Snuggie or anything. It was great for outdoors because then it also provided a little warmth and cover from the early autumn breeze.

Word to the wise: How not to take an attractive breastfeeding picture. *ahem* Don't sit like a dude.

I did feel a little frumpy... but that is probably also because I had no bra on, hadn't showered, and had no makeup on either...

But I did feel that the cover was much better than the other one I have, which is essentially a rectangle of a stiffer material with a strap attached to the center. That one is easy to use and more commonplace - you just slip the strap over your head and voila! no more exposed boobage. But, it doesn't wrap around your back and I always was pulling at it to try and cover my side and it just never laid right. The Bizzy Babee, on the other hand, is more comfortable, more attractive, and easier to use. You can even leave it on when you're done nursing the baby and you wouldn't look completely loony-toons walking down the street. My sides were both covered, I didn't have to pull at it to adjust it, and there were no straps to tighten.

Just add a belt when you're done nursing and you'll look so chic!

Plus, (and this is a big one for me), it doesn't look like a nursing cover. I've breastfeed in public many times, but didn't often use a cover (because sometimes it was just too much trouble). I also think that it's easier to go unnoticed whilst breastfeeding if you aren't fumbling with a cover and people aren't staring at you trying to figure out why you're wearing a giant apron. But because the Bizzy Babee cover doesn't look like all the other nursing covers I've seen - and looks more like a lightweight poncho or dolman top, people won't automatically know that you're breastfeeding.

So, all in all, I'd say that if you are in need of a nursing cover or want to replace the apron-like one you already have... the Bizzy Babee is definitely the way to go. At roughly $40, it is double the price of the standard nursing cover, but I can really see myself using this cover much more than I use that other kind. It's much less hassle to use it and much more attractive. Well worth the $40.

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