Friday, October 28, 2016

DIY Toddler or Preschool Activity Calendar Magnets

I made an amazing little activity board for my 2.5 year old this week and so far I'm loving it! Also, now I'm kind of addicted to creating these little magnets and coming up with new activities or events to include on his board.

Right now, I've created all his standard daily and weekly activities: school, gym, laundry, shopping, family outing, family night in, etc; and magnets for Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday as well as weather icons, holidays, doctor and dentist appointment icons AND stars to use for a star/behavior chart.

Click here to see how I made my activity board.

I am in love with some of these little magnets.

I mean, how cute are these?!

*Please disregard the dog hair in the star magnet... no one is perfect! :P

And although we don't celebrate Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead, I thought I'd include some other holidays too so we can have discussions about them and do mini culture lessons.

These are super simple - and cheap! - to make.

Just draw little icons small enough for your activity board, fridge, or whatever you're using (mine are all roughly 1 inch or less in size) and color them.

For an extra activity for your little one, you can have them help color - or have your older children help do it to help get them involved too.

If you're not art-inclined, you can download my daily calendar icons here for FREE!

I have expanded packs available for sale on my Etsy and will take custom orders (Kwanzaa? Mardi Gras? Your car?).

Then, cut them out and laminate them.

WHAT?! "Laminate them?!" you say. "But I don't have a laminator!"

Never fear!! Neither do I! I simply used strips of clear packing tape.

Just place a strip of tape on your surface, sticky side up, then place your icons on the tape - be sure to leave enough space between them to cut them out again!

Then, slowly lower another piece of tape down - this time sticky side down. 

And then just cut them out and place an adhesive magnet on the back! You could also glue pieces of felt to the back if you have a flannel board you're using as your activity calendar.

(If you don't have packing tape, you can use plain old scotch tape, you will just have to overlap your strips or line them up perfectly to cover your images.)

This would be easy to "grow" with your child and your family. As they get older and start more activities, just make more magnets!

I could see this even working in a young teen's room - icons for homework and tests and sleepovers etc to help keep them organized!

Here are a few of the icons I've made in black and white and in color.

Here's a link to download the printable pdfs in black and white and color as well.

Additional packs of calendar icons are available for download through my Etsy.

Use coupon code BLOG10 for 10% off!

I'm working on different themed packs: Holidays, Chores, Activities, Outdoors, Seasonal Activities, Weather, etc. A little preview:

Black and White Weather and Season Icons
Weather and Season Icons in Color

Holiday Icons in Black and White

Inspired by So You Think You're Crafty. Check out the instructions for her What's Up Weekly Board.

**These icons are an original design and the intellectual property of Prego to Legos and therefore are for personal use only and not to be re-sold or reproduced in any way for monetary gain**
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