Wednesday, June 4, 2014

AllieLou Baby Wooden Teething Ring Review

I received a cute little organic teething ring in my most recent Ecocentric Mom & Baby Box. (For my post on the box, click here). It is from AllieLou Baby, a shop on etsy run by a mom named Jessica! She has similar teething rings available there.

The teether is organic - a wooden ring with a little bit of fabric attached. The ring is polished with organic beeswax and the fabric is tied on (what I used to call "bookmark style" as a kid. You know... when you put the loop through the hole and the pull the ends through?) Anyway, the fabric is blue and white striped and is a little coarse. The backside of the fabric tie is a soft white flannel-like fabric. The wooden ring is very smooth - no worry of splinters - and easy for little hands to grab. (Though my almost 3-month-old likes to hold onto the fabric more). The rings available for sale at her shop now are slightly different - the fabric is shaped like bunny ears and is made of 100% organic cotton and terry cloth. The fabric doesn't stay on the ring super tight and kind of loosens and slides around, but that doesn't bother me.

Though my little one isn't really teething yet, he has just started trying to bring things to his mouth. (So exciting!) He's really gotten much "grabbier" in the last week or so, and always seems to have something in his hand - whether it's his own onesie, a blanket, or a toy or teether. 
We also like to use the teether to play tracking games! That's also a new development for him - he wasn't a big fan of them in the past; wouldn't focus. But now, sometimes all I have to do to get him to stop crying is twirl something above his head. (Not everything works though... but he does seem to like looking at this teether!)

I have even put the teething ring in fridge. While not filled with liquid to remain cold, it still gets pretty chilly. The teethers that are designed to go in the fridge are a bit jarring to Baby G right now (maybe he'll like them when his mouth actually starts to bother him?) but this little ring, mildly cool, he seems to enjoy. You can even dampen it before sticking it in the fridge to get it extra chilly.

I haven't needed to wash it yet, but to wash it, you take off the fabric and wash that in the washing machine. Then gently wash the ring with soap and water - and occasionally reseal it with olive oil and beeswax. (I don't tend to have lots of beeswax on hand... so I'll just seal it with olive oil. I wonder if almond oil or coconut oil would work just as well...?)

All in all, I think it's a great, adorable little teething ring that I much prefer to a plastic one. This is much more natural and chemical-free.

I shall update this review once he starts teething - to see how well it withstands his gnawing on it, but I think it will fare very well.

Jessica at AllieLou Baby (formerly Le Petit Baby Boutique) also makes bibs - which can be customized with a monogram - as well as burp cloths and pacifier clips. Go check her cute little shop out!

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