Monday, June 23, 2014

AllieLou Baby Bib Review

Disclosure: I received a bib from AllieLou Baby as a trade for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

I was introduced to AllieLou Baby, an Etsy shop, through my Ecocentric Mom box subscription. In my last box was a wooden teething ring from the shop. (For my review of that item, click here). Which, by the way, I need to replace, because my naughty dog got a hold of it and broke the ring in half. (Grr, Ace!) Anyway, I love the shop - there are a lot of cute bibs, teething rings, burp cloths and more! You can even have bibs embroidered with a monogram.

Many of the items are organic, and they come in some really cute prints that aren't your stereotypical pink and blue baby fabrics. 

The bib I received was printed with yellow bicycles and backed with chenille. It's 100% organic cotton and has a white plastic snap closure. The chenille fabric is very soft and absorbent - a requirement since the top cotton fabric is not absorbent. I love the bicycle print - the grey bike amidst the yellow ones is very modern.


The bib is quite large - it came almost to the crotch of my chunky 3-month-old (who is in the 90th percentile for height/weight). So it would likely swallow a smaller or younger baby. But, I like that it's long. My little man has been drooling a lot lately, and the front of his onesies always end up soaked. I can't always catch the drool off his chin before it pools on his chest! This way, he's completely covered/protected from drool, and if the bib gets wet I can just take it off and not have to change him completely. Only, the OCD in me won't let me put him in clashing prints - his bibs have to match the rest of his outfit. (I can't be the only one, right?)

He seemed to like the bib! Easy for him to grab and stuff into his mouth.
But that little bit of his onesie showing drives me bonkers! The two prints don't go together! haha.

The bib still looks brand new even after washing - which, for a handmade bib, is impressive. I've made some of my own, and they always come out of the dryer looking a little wonky.

All in all, I love the bib. It's cute, soft and does what it's supposed to! I'm eyeing another bib from the shop... a linen one with utensils embroidered on the front. So chic! :)
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