Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Best Free Nook Books for Young Children

As I was preparing for our first vacation with our baby, I couldn't decide which books to bring. I couldn't take too many as we were trying to pack light - we were going to be away for 2 weeks and I needed to save room in my suitcase. Then I remembered I had a Nook and could download books to read to him on our trip! I just didn't want to have to spend a lot of money on more books (since we already have a ton!)

So I've compiled a list of some of the best free (and cheap) Nook books. Keep in mind, these may not all be free for forever. So if you see one you like, get it now! You can get the Nook app on your phone or computer if you don't have a Nook reader or tablet.

The books I'm listing are good for the under-6 crowd, most are great for even younger. (My boy is only 3-months-old). All of them are Nook Read-to-Me books, which give you the option of reading it yourself, having it read to you, or recording it as you read it. 

I've circled the 3 best books that are shown on this screenshot.

Jingle All the Way by Tom Shay-Zapien
This is the Hallmark book you may have seen commercials for at Christmas time. It goes with the stuffed dog, Jingle, that will bark when key words are read.

The Elephant Child: How the Elephant Got His Trunk by Rudyard Kipling
This is a really cute folklore type of story about a baby elephant who was very curious ("nosy").

The Jungle Book: A Baby Lit Animals Primer by Jennifer Adams
I love all of the Baby Lit books - and was thrilled when I found a couple of them for free. I like this one a lot - Each page shows you the name of an animal and a quote from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. (Ex: "Wolf 'Akela... led all the pack by strength and cunning." Like all the Baby Lit books, it has bold, high contrast illustrations that are a lot of fun.

Wuthering Heights: A Baby Lit Weather Primer by Jennifer Adams
Currently the other free Baby Lit book. Like the Baby Lit Jungle Book, this book shows you a type of weather (ex: "Breezy") and then a quote from the actual Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (ex: "The weather was sweet and warm.")

Bell's Big Move by Tom Shay-Zapien
Another Hallmark book that features one of their stuffed animals. Bell the stuffed animal will respond when key phrases are read.

Sense & Sensibility: A Baby Lit Opposites Primer by Jennifer Adams ($0.99)
Another Baby Lit! (Clearly, I love them!) This is one of only 2 baby lit books that is under a dollar. Many of the others are $6 or more. Unlike The Jungle Book and Wuthering Heights baby lit books, this one does not include quotes from the original work, but just does opposites like "Over" and "Under" with cute accompanying illustrations (that are often "opposite" in color too).

Sally Goes to the Beach by Stephen Huneck ($0.99)
This humorous book gives a black lab named Sally's take on a trip to the beach. Some of Sally's musings include what she thinks the captain of the boat looks like (Spoiler! She thinks it's a dog) as well as what was packed in the suitcase (dog toys). I'm a big fan of the illustrations in this one as well - very vibrant and eye catching.

 Sally Goes to the Farm by Stephen Huneck ($0.99)
Another book featuring the black lab Sally. This time she goes to the farm where she meets and plays with a yellow lab named Molly. They have a blast playing with the farm animals - and it made me chuckle - there's a lot of play on words. (Example: they hang out with the pig and "eat like pigs" and play with the horse who likes to "horse around.")

Ruff Says the Dog by Kim Mitzo Thompson ($0.99)
This book is a great introduction to animal sounds for the very young reader. It stars the standard animals found in baby books: cat, pig, horse, duck, etc. The illustrations are high-contrast and quite cute. 

Edgar Gets Ready For Bed by Jennifer Adams ($2.99)
This take on Edgar Allen Poe's works is a Baby Lit First Steps book. A mother Raven instructs her young one through all the steps of getting ready for bed - to which he always replies "Nevermore." As always with the Baby Lit, it has great illustrations - this one all in black and white (with shades of grey).

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