Friday, June 13, 2014

Fodada Commitment and Free Dad's Shirt

Fodada is "a celebration of what a great dad can mean to a child... and hence what that relationship could mean to a dad." It is a company that sells tshirts and also works with many great causes and organizations like the American Heart Association, Autism Speaks, and more. They also have their own programs which raise money for worthy causes - one of which helps provide books for a library at a small school in the country Suriname, which previously had none. (Close to my heart - I am big on literacy and reading. Especially since my mother is a school librarian and reading specialist).

Well one of their other programs, the Dad and Me campaign, is "a crusade to bring fathers and their children closer together," having them commit to spending time together. By making this commitment, dads can get a free t-shirt. 

To get this free t-shirt, all you have to do is have your kid sign the commitment form, then have dad sign it. They are committing to spend 3-hours together every month: 1 hour doing something outdoors, 1-hour doing something educational (like going to a museum or library), and 1-hour doing something silly and fun. 

I printed the form off and stamped baby G's handprint on it (his signature!) and then had my husband sign it before I sent it off.

His shirt just came in the other day - and I think it's pretty awesome. :)

Although the free shirt is pretty cool, the commitment is even cooler. I love that this company (founded by a dad!) is always working for a cause - and getting dads and kids to commit to spending time together - especially committing to doing something outside and doing something educational! - is awesome!

And this makes a great Father's Day gift - a Super Dad t-shirt and a promise to spend time with the kids! :)

Let me note though, that my husband didn't need to sign a piece of paper to commit to spending time with his boy. He already spends every moment of his free time with G. :)

Two thumbs up to Fodada!
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