Sunday, June 1, 2014

Graco Car Seat Tip!

This post is going to be no great work of litearature... I just wanted to share a small little tip about the Graco car seats!  
Many Graco car seats were recalled due to the clasp getting stuck. Our model was not one recalled, but it still was hard to undo sometimes. (And it frustrated my husband to no end!) This is no big revelation, but when I figured it out I was very pleased! :) It certainly does make it a bit easier. 

So here's the tip: Instead of pushing the button and then pulling the two straps up and out of the clasp (as we used to do), push the button and pull that piece down.  This also means that you can undo the clasp with only one hand! If you try to unclasp the buckle by pulling the straps up and out of the button piece, it requires two hands. And for us and our car seat, sometimes we had to pull pretty hard and really fight with it to get the buckle to release!
I was able to both unclasp the car seat and take a photo at the same time! Talk about multitasking! :P

Though it's not the most amazing tip ever given, hopefully it will save someone else a little grief and time. :)

Update 06.02.14:  I tweeted about my unbuckling tip, and Graco tweeted back with another tip!

You can't see it in my photo, but the small "dimple" that Graco mentioned is about the size of a pin and is at the very top, under my fingernail.
I love that they replied and offered some help! :)

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