Friday, June 20, 2014

Binky Monster Pacifier Clip Review

Disclosure: I received a binky clip sample from Binky Monster to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Binky Monster is a small business (but growing!) that sells binky/pacifier clips, blankets, accessories, wash cloths, and nursing pillows. They just launched their new website too! Their tag line is: "Baby products and goods created for your little monsters!"

 I got their popular "Mike" style (as in Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc).

It is super cute! And Mike's face is much larger than I thought! (No risk of losing your pacifier with a clip this large!)


The character piece is made of felt and appears to be hot glued together. 

The leash is a standard ribbon with two snaps on the end. The leash is a good length - if I have it clipped to the strap of my Ergo, even if he turns his head the pacifier will stay in his mouth.

Unfortunately, the clip doesn't attach to all types of pacifiers. I had three pacifiers on hand - a Soothie, Nuk, and Tommee Tippee and it only attached to one of them. The clip would've attached to the Tommee Tippee if the "female" snap had been the one on the end of the ribbon instead of the "male" snap. Because the protruding part of the snap wouldn't fit through the opening on the binky. (See photo above!)

Clearly this wouldn't attach to the Soothie. But I charge that as Soothie's problem - because very few types of pacifier clips will work with a Soothie. Those little holes are too small and there isn't a handle like with the Nuk.
It does attach to the Nuk because it has a nice "handle" with a large opening.

Bonus: Once your child outgrows pacifiers, you can just cut off the ribbon and reuse the character as a decorative clip! Cutting the ribbon off can also help signify to your kid that they are growing up. Some ideas for how to use it once you cut the ribbon off: clip it to your diaper bag, decorate a baby carrier with it, it could be a reusable gift tag, or use as a cute "paper clip."

All in all, it's an adorable, simple binky clip that has multiple uses and comes in lots of different styles. And at $8.50 it's a good deal! It makes a great gift and you'd be supporting a small business.

Binky Monster's links and social media information is below:
instagram: @binkymonsterinc
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