Friday, June 27, 2014

Getting Baby to Love Water Part 2: BIG Baths

If you missed the first post of this series, look here before continuing.

Once you've given your baby lots of baths that have been successful (my definition of this word in this context merely means: "no screaming or fussing." I'm not saying he has to be smiling, laughing, and kicking every time!), you can move on to this next step!

Taking Baths with Your Baby

To help your little fish like the water, get in it with them! They already love and trust you, so just extend that to water situations. But don't immediately go hop in the pool with them. Take it slow.

This is a great way for dad and baby to bond too! Fill up the big tub (not the baby tub!) to about halfway - use your thermometer! (Baby can tolerate different temperatures than you can, so even if it feels warm to you, it could be too hot for him). It doesn't need to be completely full. Climb into the tub and have your partner hand you the baby. He can rest on your chest a little bit, but try to have him partially submerged in the water.

Taking baths this way also allows your baby to experience floating - it's a new and weird and wonderful sensation. Babies are pretty buoyant (all that adorable baby fat!), so cradle their head and neck and just let their bum and legs float in the water. Try to tell if your little one enjoys the sensation. Baby G looked so confused and shocked the first time, but then started to like floating. His dad would line his feet up against the side so he could push off a bit.

Again, keep baby's exposure to water short and sweet. Don't overdo it or try to stretch it too long - a 5-10 minute bath is sufficient.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Breastfeeding in the tub!

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