Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ecocentric Mom and Baby Box

I was given Birchbox as a gift maybe a year ago, and loved it. A monthly box containing lots of goodies, samples, and coupons! I sometimes have a bit of a shopping problem and receiving my box in the mail kind of quells the urge to buy stuff.

Then, I started seeing ads on my Facebook for other box subscriptions - like Bark Box with goodies for dogs and Nature Box (both of which I've yet to try). I got a gift subscription to Citrus Lane, which has lots of fun baby goodies every month. Then there's also Bluum box (for kids) and I'm sure plenty of others.

Shortly before my baby boy was born, I signed up for the Ecocentric Mom and Baby Discovery Box. This box comes every-other month and contains stuff for both mom and baby. They also have a Mom box and a Mom-to-be box (goodies for the pregnant bunch). Every time I get a box, I always intend to take pictures so I can post about it... but I rip it open so fast that I only remember once I've eaten the snacks and unwrapped everything and thrown away the box and tags... whoops.

But this time, I remembered!!!

Like the name suggests, this box contains eco-friendly goodies and products. Many of them are little-known brands and shops from etsy. This month's box contained skin care products (for mom and baby), books, snacks, and toys.  (Reviews for many of those items will come soon in their own individual posts).

In this May/June box...

A "Shapes" book ($9.95) and a box of five word books ($9.95).

A 2oz sample of LrCrem Naturals Sweet Pea Baby Shampoo ($4.00 for 2oz travel size),  Abundance Skin Care Essential Night Cream (1/4oz, $5.00) and Sunscreen (1/4oz, $5.00), Airmidian Natural Remedies Diaper Rash & Healing Salve sample (1oz, $6.00)...

Nude Food Licious Organics Raw Honey Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie... ($1.20 per cookie, 2 in box)

And an AllieLou Baby Organic Teething ring. ($8.50)

In case you weren't keeping track of the total worth of the box... The total price of all included items would be $46.80. 
The cost of a subscription to Ecocentric Mom is only $24 every-other-month. I'd say that's a pretty good deal! Plus, there was a coupon for Knocked Up Nails and discounts at all the other shops as well.
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