Monday, October 24, 2016

Full-Time Mom, Full-Time Employed and FULL-TIME PREGNANT

I know my blogging has been slow. (Understatement). I've just been out-of-my-mind busy with my now 2.5 year old, with being a part-time grad student pursuing my MLIS (Master of Library and Information Studies), working full-time at a University Library (and prior to that at a public library and at a daycare), and with our recent move. PLUS, being pregnant of course is exhausting enough on its own.
That's right!! We're expecting baby number two! This wee one is a girl and she is due 2 days before her big brother's birthday! That means that as of this writing, I am about 20 weeks along. Half-way there! This pregnancy is going by so much faster!

Well, I plan to get back into the blogging thing - I have a few posts in mind. To give you some clues and some heads up...

  • How to take 6 weeks of leave when you don't qualify for paid maternity leave. (stressful and a lot of planning, to say the least!)
  • DIY activity calendar for toddlers, kids, or the whole family. Plus I'd like to have downloadables available...
  • Daily routine for a 2-year-old
  • Planning for DISNEY WORLD - with a 3-year-old and 8-month-old (next November - I'm so excited!)
  • Crock-pot meals and one-pot meals (I've been doing a lot of these since I work nights and am not home for dinner most days. I try and start something before I go to work so that my DH - that's Darling Husband - can just serve it up, or throw everything I've prepped into a pan to make dinner easier on them)
So hopefully, I'll get back into a routine posting schedule soon - so keep on the lookout for some new content! :)
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