Monday, March 31, 2014

Multipurpose boppy pillow - episiotomy recovery!

Well, it's been a little while since my last post... but I'm not sorry! Cause I had my baby! :)

I had a bunch of posts in the works, saved as drafts and ready for me to write... but I decided to write this one instead because it's a little more relevant to my current situation.

The boppy pillow is good for more than breastfeeding!

It makes a great cushion to sit on for episiotomy recovery. My mom was given a donut pillow by the hospital after her episiotomy when she had me, but my hospital said they no longer do that as it isn't necessary.
Donut cushion like the kind my mom was given by the hospital back in the '80s.

I had a "minor" 1st degree midline episiotomy, which I've read is less severe and has an easier recovery period etc... but it still hurt! (small side note: I did not want an episiotomy, and told my doctor that ahead of time... and though I understand her reasoning for giving me one, I was - and still am - angry about the lack of communication, because I did not find out about the episiotomy until she was stitching me up!)  Sitting or laying on the couch after a while got uncomfortable, so I decided to try sitting on my boppy - it's almost a donut shape. Boy did it help!

I was already in love with the pillow for nursing, but now I love it even more and thought I just had to share the new purpose I found for it! (Obviously I can't use it for nursing if I'm sitting on it, but I also happen to have a My Brest Friend nursing pillow a friend gave me after she was done using it, so I still have a nursing pillow to use).

 I will get into other episiotomy recovery things in another post - like sitz baths, "padsicles," and so on.
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