Sunday, January 19, 2014

Welcome! An Introductory Statement

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my new blog Prego to Legos!

When the idea finally struck me to begin this blog, I was already in my third trimester. Wish I would've thought of this earlier so that I could write posts about pregnancy a little more chronologically. But my plans for this blog are to have it be about pregnancy, birth, babies, and parenting - the whole spectrum. I'd love to have my husband contribute some posts about the male perspective, but he's not much one for writing.

Let me begin by saying a little bit about myself and my situation. This will be my first baby - aside from our two fur babies on four legs! I'm relatively young, well older than some, but I feel young! That's what counts, right? I'll officially hit my "mid-twenties" a few months after our baby boy is born. My husband is a Marine, and has been deployed for much of my pregnancy and there's even a chance he won't be home in time for the birth. Gotta love the military - so much uncertainty!

I have a BA in Psychology and spent a couple years as a Nanny and babysitter, and spent the last 6 months or so working as a Teacher at a YMCA childcare site. (Teacher is quite a glorified term for my position, as I was not certified. I mostly was like a babysitter for 14-28 kids, though I did have some responsibility for planning educational lessons and activities). Before all of that, I spent a year as a dog trainer (and then about a year trying to make it as an actress/model in LA - which was put on hold when I got pregnant). Though my background seems quite varied, it mostly is related. I am very interested in psychology and child development and human behavior - so I've really enjoyed reading pregnancy, baby, and parenting books over these last few months. I plan to include some of my notes from the reading on this blog - what I've found to be particularly interesting or helpful.

Briefly, I'd like to say a little bit about my beliefs on pregnancy and childbirth. I believe that women, if they go into the process with no fear and have educated themselves on the subject, can have a birth that is less painful and more of a joyful experience than an excruciating one. Obviously, as of this writing, I have not gone through the process myself yet, but I have always thought that women (since we've been giving birth for thousands upon thousands of years) should be able to give birth without pain and without the need for heavy drugs and intense invasive surgery. And much of my reading and research has supported and strengthened these beliefs.

Well, I guess that's it for a kind of introductory statement... stay tuned for my first "real" posts - hopefully to come soon!

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