Monday, February 3, 2014

Bamboobies Breastfeeding Lucky Mama Sampler Box

Alright, so I couldn't think of a cute or very interesting title for this post - it's pretty straightforward. lol.
But, I just wanted to share a little about a breastfeeding sampler box I'd read about somewhere (I can't remember for the life of me where I saw it mentioned, but I know it took me forever to find because that site didn't link to it!)
It is a breastfeeding sampler box with lots of nice goodies in it - and for a really good deal!

If you haven't heard of the brand Bamboobies... well, you're about to!
The brand makes some really nice reusable/washable nursing pads and nipple balm. Or they're supposedly very nice, I do not know for certain as I have yet to try them since I'm not nursing yet! But they are very popular and well rated and bestsellers on lots of different sites. You can buy them on Amazon, ToysRUs/BabiesRUs, and at the company Bamboobies own site. They also sell nursing bras, nursing shawls, belly butter, and soothing therapy breast pillows (in addition to their nursing pads and nipple balm).

Anyway, the sample box just arrived today and I was so excited! In it were two sets of bamboobies nursing pads, two very nice hair elastics, a Milkmakers Lactation Cookie (looks delicious!), a couple samples of Celestial Seasonings tea (which I already know I like), a sample of Motherlove organic nipple cream (really quite a small sample), a $15 gift certificate for Undercover Mama (they sell nursing tanks), and a huge packet of coupons: 20% off at, $8 off at, $5 off at, $6 off at, and up to $15 in discounts at
Not the exact ones in the box, but they were this same style.

The blog I borrowed this image from mentioned a subscription box through a site called Ecocentric Mom - I love my Birchbox subscription, so I really want to try the Baby subscription box through this site! (They also have Mommy boxes and Mom-to-Be boxes)

I've already used my gift certificate to Undercover Mama to try one of their nursing tanks... we'll see which coupon I may use next! With the $15 gift certificate and $3 in shipping costs, my $26.99 tank only cost me $14.99! (I got the tank with the lace bottom which is $2 more than a plain tank).

Undercover Mama nursing tank with lace trim $26.99

By the way, the sample box only cost $20! I think that's a great deal, considering two pairs of bamboobies nursing pads cost $16.99!

Again, you can get this Lucky Mama breastfeeding sample box at!

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