Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After You Give Birth... Recovery Essentials

 Postpartum Recovery Essentials

1.     Dermoplast- (I got this at the hospital) or  New Mama Bottom Spray (which I used when I ran out of Dermoplast. Frankly, I preferred the Dermoplast)

2.     Tucks Medicated Witch Hazel Pads- These round little pads were amazing! Used two full tubs (layered 3 pads on top of a maxi pad every few hours)

3.     Perineal Irrigation Bottle- I got to take this home from hospital as well. (You can’t wipe for the first few days, can only rinse clean)

4.     Maxi Pads- I used the Always Overnight (super heavy duty) pads for the first 2 weeks, then moved to smaller ones so I didn't feel like I was wearing a diaper all the time.

5.     Cheap, big Underwear- I bought Hanes and Fruit of the Loom briefs, but I wish I’d been able to snag more of the giant mesh briefs they had me wear at the hospital. Those were surprisingly comfy!

6.     Postpartum Bath Herbs or regular Epsom Salt. Sitz baths were so helpful.

7.     Nursing tanks. I lived in them. Still do. Motherhood Maternity and Lamaze make nice ones. Motherhood Maternity often has good sales, and the flash sale site Zulily has the Lamaze tanks (and sleep bras, which I also love) frequently, for super cheap.

8.     Nursing Pillow- My Brest Friend or Boppy. Check out my post on the other way to use a Boppy for recovery!

9.     Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes-  Like a beanbag for your breasts. You can use them warm or cold – I microwaved mine and rested them on my breasts for 15 minutes or so - they're a donut shape, but not a complete circle. If that makes any sense at all. Beware - my dog thought they smelled delicious and destroyed my first pair. :(

10.   Lanolin- I tried another nipple cream (Motherlove), but preferred the lanolin.  Your nipples will be sore the first few days. (Side note: if you experience pain past those first few days, see a lactation consultant. Extended nipple pain due to breastfeeding is not normal)

11.   Lots of pillows. I was so glad I’d bought more pillows for our couch and bed while pregnant, so I could be completely cushy no matter where I sat/lay/lounged. Not being able to get up and walk around much was sooo annoying - and I'd get so uncomfortable after sitting in one spot for hours, so a multitude of pillows was incredibly helpful in making myself more comfortable.

12.   Bamboobies (or other nipple pads). I like the Bamboobies for those first few weeks because they are soft and not rough on your nipples like some of the disposable ones are. I never had a problem with them becoming over-saturated and soaking my clothes, but you do have to change them once they're wet. (So get a couple pairs. I had an overnight pair and two regular pairs, plus a pack of Organic Cotton Pads and the Lansinoh Disposable Pads). 

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