Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free Magazines!

I am a little bit obsessed with magazines. I used to buy one or two (or three) every time I went out, and always looked forward to their arriving in the mail. I would hang onto old magazines for years sometimes, thinking I would re-read particular articles (but never did). A few years ago, I started ripping out favorite pages and putting them into a binder. That one binder has become three - my original one which contains pages on hair, makeup, fashion, health, exercise, etc. Generally from magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, etc. Then a second one on my future dream home - articles on buying a house and inspiration photos of kitchens and stuff. From HGTV and other such magazines. Then my most recent binder on pregnancy, baby, and parenting - Fit Pregnancy, Parents, Family Fun, etc.

Most recently though, I have been reading all my magazines digitally. A new baby takes up a lot more space than I thought and my magazine collection had to go. (Still have the binders though!) Reading magazines on my Nook allows to save specific pages to a digital binder/scrapbook and then there's no clutter. I found a few new magazines I hadn't heard of when searching my Nook store - Parent & Child and Kiwi. And then I decided to see what other little-known magazines I could find (preferably for free) and found quite a few on pregnancy and parenting. Here's the best of the list:

Green Child
Exactly what it sounds like! Articles and tips on raising green and eco-friendly kids, with cool products, healthy recipes, and unique ideas!

Breastfeeding Today
La Leche League's free breastfeeding magazine, with recent news on breastfeeding and lots of helpful articles.

Thriving Family
A family magazine with a Christian focus. You can read it for free through the iTunes store.

Attached Family Magazine
Through Attachment Parenting International, this free quarterly magazine offers a lot of stories from parents as well as lengthy articles that provide a lot of research-based information.

Free Baby Magazine
No recent or current issues, but there are a handful of past issues that you can read online.  On all things pregnancy and baby, including DIY projects.

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