Sunday, May 11, 2014

First Mother's Day!

Today was my first Mother's Day! It's not over yet, but it's been pretty great so far! :)

Had a pot of flowers delivered from my parents the other day. I don't have much of a green thumb, but hopefully I can keep them alive... at least for a while!

Love these little pjs, by the way. From Heidi Klum's Truly Scrumptious line. They're made of bamboo and super soft!

Baby G didn't let me sleep in unfortunately. Wide awake at 6am! Luckily, he went back to sleep after about an hour. And then my lovely husband went out to "run some errands." When he came home, we just played with the baby for a bit before having breakfast - which was donuts that my husband had picked up. And a YooHoo to drink for me! :)

We didn't do anything super exciting today. Hard to, with a less-than-2-month-old. No big Mother's Day Brunch outing or anything. We watched an episode of Sherlock after breakfast and after a walk, had a late lunch at Chili's. We had eaten out there with the boy before, but this trip was more successful. He didn't sleep the whole time, like we'd hoped. But he didn't cry or scream or fuss too much like the previous trip to Chili's. I did have to feed him there in the booth, but I'm getting better at breastfeeding in public each time. Not as much fumbling around with my top and the cover - though I seriously want to sometimes say "screw the blasted cover" and throw it on the ground cause it won't stay in place and I can't see what I'm doing or what he's doing when we're trying to get started. (And that is the issue whether I use a blanket, an actual nursing cover, or an infinity scarf like I did today). But I do not have the nerves to just bare it all in public. Anyways, still less awkward than the last time I nursed in public. No big wet spots on my shirt when we were done at least. Yay!

We accidentally somehow pinched his belly trying to buckle his car seat though. Oh man, did those screams just break my heart! Got him to calm down fairly quickly, and luckily he was quiet for the drive home. All I was thinking was "thank goodness we only live less than 5 minutes away!"

Took a little while to get him to go back to sleep, and he was a bit cranky and over-tired, but he finally did and we were able to finish that episode of Sherlock we had started. Then watched another. And finished the old Disney animated Robin Hood movie - which, I learned is one of my husband's favorites (and he likes so few animated movies. Especially if there is singing in them). It's nice to know there's still some things to be learned about each other after 7 years!

And that's pretty much where our day has taken us so far. I apparently have other Mother's Day gifts arriving from my husband here in the next few days, and tomorrow I have an hour-long massage scheduled. Since it's about half an hour away, that means I can't go without my husband and baby, since that would be about 2 hours and he'll probably be wanting to eat the second I got home, otherwise. I do have some breastmilk stored in the freezer, but it's almost easier for us all to go and have me feed him in the car if I have to.

I didn't have any high expectations for today - it's my first Mother's Day, baby G is too young to remember anyway, and the budget is tight since we just had a baby! And I'm glad my husband didn't set the bar too extraordinarily high. Makes it easier for me with planning Father's Day. (Side note: my article on Father's Day will be published at Mommy Hot Spot May 22!)

Don't know what we'll do the rest of the night. Leftovers for dinner, little man gets a bath and a bedtime story before going to sleep, most likely around 9 or 10. Perhaps another episode of Sherlock is in the cards after that! (I've seen every episode, just trying to make my husband a fan since he got me into Game of Thrones!)
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