Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Blogger Sabbatical

In case you didn't notice, I was away from this blog for quite a good long time. I'm sorry for that - it was unplanned.

In September 2014, baby G and I moved from California to Virginia, leaving my husband in CA to finish his work before joining us in October. We were moving in with my family, and G and I stayed in a small room while some renovations were being done to our little basement apartment. At the same time, I was also planning a bachelorette party and bridal shower for my best friend's wedding which was to be held a month after we arrived in Virginia.

We expected the renovations to be completed before October, and so had all of our belongings and furniture delivered to the house the day after my friend's wedding. But the renovations got pushed back... and pushed back... and pushed back... and they were finally completed shortly before Thanksgiving. So then we had to get to unpacking, and organizing, and cleaning, etc.

Of course, then the Holiday season began and we were incredibly busy with different families to visit, we took a short trip to Williamsburg, and just plain relaxing.

Then, I took the GRE right before the end of the year (so prior to that spent a lot of my free time studying), and my husband began his classes at the start of January. So I feel like I finally have a bit of time to devote to this blog again!

There's a lot of things coming up that I'm looking forward to - the big one being that our little boy is turning 1 year old in March! So we have a party to plan (so excited!) and him turning one also means a few other things are in store. Like his first dentist appointment, first haircut, and of course (we hope), his first words and other developmental milestones.

So there should be plenty for me to write about. I will begin applications to grad schools soon (I've already partially begun), so that take me away again, but hopefully not for long. (Of course, if I do get in to a program, who knows how long I'll have to devote to this what with studies and all).

But again, apologies for the unexplained absence!

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