Thursday, July 10, 2014

Getting Baby to Love the Water Part 3: Breasfeeding in the Tub

If you missed parts 1 and 2 of this series, click to read about bathing baby and taking a bath with baby!

Breastfeeding in the Bath

Another way to help your baby enjoy the water, is to breastfeed them in the tub (if you're breastfeeding). Baby already loves breastfeeding - it's warm and cozy and mom smells nice (usually. haha). Both mom and baby get a rush of oxytocin (the "love" hormone) when breastfeeding, which means that baby (and mom!) will feel good and be happy during this time. So use this to it's advantage!

Follow the same steps as before, filling the bath partway with warm water. Once you're in, have your partner hand you the baby - please don't try to get in with him! You could slip and the baby or both of you could get hurt. Let baby be partially under the water so that he stays warm.

Then, breastfeed while baby is partially submerged. You can even let their lower half float while they nurse. Then, when they're done, you can let them float and kick around the tub for a few minutes. 

It was a little awkward when I tried it. I wasn't super comfortable - the water level was a bit low, so I had to turn on my side so that Baby G would be in the water. (Just on my back, with him on my stomach/chest, he wasn't in the water at all!) But, he enjoyed it and it was a fairly pleasant experience overall. Besides, it's not about my comfort, but his. I already like baths and swimming! :P

As always, you want to keep their water exposure short and sweet. Try to stretch it out and you could be in for a surprise meltdown!

Next up, Part 4: At the Pool
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