Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Life With A 3-Month-Old

Though I promised not to write solely about my day-to-day life and turn this blog into a diary, I have posted about what daily life is like with a 2-month-old, and intend to write a similar post each month as my boy ages.

So, here's what a standard day is like (for me) with a 3-month-old. It really isn't all that different from when he was 2-months-old... he's just awake a little bit more. We were on vacation for two weeks, which sort of threw of his schedule (not that he really had one). But, this is roughly what life was like with him for that month. These are all average times... perhaps in the future I will try and document one full day, if it's an interesting one.

6:00am Daddy wakes up, showers, walks the dogs. Though he tries to be quiet, him moving around the house usually rouses me, so I normally feed the baby at this time too.

7:00am Daddy leaves for work

8:00am Baby G and I wake up and I nurse him. I don't really pay attention to what time I feed him at night, so this sometimes means he nurses an hour after he just ate. Whoops. :P

8:00-8:30am We hang out on the bed. He's the happiest first thing in the morning, so he does some tummy time on the bed and I try to balance checking my email and other various accounts while also spending time with him while he's in a good mood. He started laughing right after he turned 3-months-old, so I try to get one out of him. He has yet to laugh for me though, stinker. (But he'll laugh for daddy, for strangers, for people via skype, at the dogs, at creepy old toys... jerk. lol)
Laughing at previously mentioned creepy toy at Grandma's house.
Laughing for Daddy on vacation

8:30-9:00am He plays on his activity gym while I feed the dogs, eat breakfast, and do a couple things around the house. I also change him out of his pjs during this time.  He started rolling over the day after he turned 3-months-old, so he rolls himself onto his tummy and initiates tummy time himself! He's also just discovered his toes, so he'll hold onto those. AND he just began reaching for things, so he'll try and grab the toys hanging from the activity gym.

He actually stopped rolling over for a week after he found his feet, cause he'd just lay there holding onto them. Then, he started rolling over while holding his feet.

9:00-10:30am He's so antsy and ready to move, so he's no longer content just hanging out on his back for long. But we'll hang out on the couch for a few minutes - we'll sing some songs ("Joshua Giraffe" is a big hit) and I'll stand him on my lap. When he starts getting bored with that, we'll walk around or go onto the porch (he loves being outside!)

Walking outside with Poppi

10:30am I feed him.We've finally stretched his feedings apart to every two and a half hours!

11:00-12:00am First nap is usually around this time. I'm being bad, I don't put him in his crib every nap. He's just so warm and cuddly I just want to hold him (while I still can!) But I do try to lay him down either in his crib or on the couch next to me. Sometimes he's only asleep for half an hour, and sometimes it's as long as an hour and a half. But he averages about 45 minutes.

12:00-1:00pm He goes onto his activity gym for a few minutes after waking up, then I read him a couple books and we hang out on the couch.

Hanging out on the couch with Joshua (actually the plush Sophie, but we renamed it to go with the Raffi song)

1:00pm Lunch for the big boy! ;)

1:30-2:00 Around this time I usually strap him into the Ergo and take him out with me to walk the dogs. We go get the mail sometimes, other times I put him in his crib and take the monitor out with me to just do a quick potty break for the pups. I often try to reheat leftovers or make a sandwich during this time. Unfortunately, sometimes all I'm able to manage is a bag of chips. I'm so ashamed. :P
2:00-3:00 Class at Gymboree Mondays and Wednesdays! On Gymboree days, I try to make sure he's been awake for at least an hour prior to class, then after class he falls right asleep in his crib and stays down for over an hour.

3:00pm I nurse him... this time is still flexible - he's not on a set schedule. But I try to get it 2.5 hours after his last one - on a Gymboree day though, he's so exhausted that I feed him right when we get home so that he'll sleep a bit longer (otherwise he'll wake up hungry 30 minutes after I put him down).

3:30-5:00 Baby G usually sleeps the majority of this time. Especially on Gymboree days.

4:30-5:30pm Daddy comes home, changes out of his uniform, and takes the boy to spend a few minutes with him while I run around the house picking up all the dirty diapers and trying to straighten the mess we made during the day. (And I wonder, how on earth did we make such a big mess? How did a diaper get in the bathroom? Oh there's his favorite pacifier... under his activity gym...)
Taking a walk with Daddy in the Ergo while on vacation.

5:30-6:00 The dogs eat and get walked again, usually by daddy. I nurse G man too.

6:00-7:00 We usually eat during this time, and since it's the "witching hour," he's a bit cranky so we have to take turns entertaining him while the other one eats.

7:00-8:30pm We try to keep him up during this whole stretch. We often take a walk - sometimes around our apartment complex, sometimes down to the nearby dairy queen. Usually in the stroller.

8:30-9:30pm Baby G gets his bath at the same time almost every night. Then we put him in his pjs and read a bedtime story or two. We're slacking on giving him a bottle (especially while on vacation... it's just so much easier to nurse than to have to worry about pumping), so I usually nurse him and if he doesn't fall right to sleep, then Daddy usually carries him around until he does. We want to start putting him in his crib to go to sleep on his own, but weren't concerned with that on our vacation. We'll get to it next month.
We didn't have our regular bath, so we bathed him in the sink at Nonnie's house.
We still read books before bedtime while on vacation.

9:30-10:30 We may start watching something on the tv - a movie or an episode of a show. I normally hold little man during this time.

10:30-11:00 Bedtime! He's still sleeping in our room... eventually we'll move him into the crib in his own room. But, we can't exactly do that while traveling! I sometimes nurse him again before I fall asleep.

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