Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY: Upgrade Your Plain White Burp Cloths!

I recently began sewing my own bibs and burp cloths (among other things); I just got my first sewing machine.  I was using cotton fabric backed with terry cloth and realized I could just re-purpose the plain white burp cloths I already had. Technically, they're cloth diapers but they really do make the best burp rags. They're just kind of plain and blah looking - especially once they've been used and laundered a few times. After that they look a little lumpy and crooked and kind of ratty. I thought that they'd be easy to jazz up - just put a printed fabric on one side or edge it in ribbon or something.   

It's a very easy and quick project - great if you have scraps of ribbon or fabric laying around! I "made" 3 burp cloths in a short amount of time and will likely make more. I sewed a black and white fabric to one, two strips of ribbon to another, and made one a cute flannel-backed one with little ribbon loops (like those "taggie" blankets). I'll walk you through it. :)

I used an old burp cloth, printed cotton fabric, and satin ribbon. You will also need scissors, straight pins, and a sewing machine. Though you could hand sew it. It will just take you longer!
 Burp Cloth #1:
I started by cutting the fabric to the size of the burp cloth. You can pin and measure if you'd like, but I didn't. If it's a little crooked, it won't bother me. Baby's just going to spit up on it anyway! :P
I pinned the fabric to the burp cloth with the "good" side facing in. 
Then I sewed most of the way around, leaving a small opening so I could turn it right side out. Then I stitched all the way around to both close the opening and add some extra stability. Ta da!

Burp Cloth #2:
This one got a little wonky. I just sewed two strips of ribbon on the outer panels of the burp cloth. Not my best work!

Burp Cloth #3:
I started this one the same way I started the first one. Cut fabric and then turn upside down and pin to the burp cloth.
I then cut small pieces of ribbon and folded in half to make a loop.

Then I took each ribbon and put it between the fabric and burp cloth with the loop towards the middle.

I then put a pin through the fabric, ribbon, and burp cloth.
As before, I stitched all the way around leaving a small opening on one side to turn it right side out. Then I stitched around again to close the opening and make it look finished.
Baby boy seemed to like it! Kept sucking on the loops and trying to stuff the whole thing in his mouth.

All in all it was fairly easy! I'm not a super experienced seamstress and wasn't trying to achieve perfection. The burp cloths were a bit difficult to work with - kept stretching, bubbling and changing shape as I sewed. If you used a brand new prefold cloth diaper/burp rag, it may hold its shape better. But I still think they turned out pretty cute! PLUS, the "taggies" burp cloth doubles as a toy/lovey!

Comment below with any questions or if you have any creative ways to upgrade a plain burp cloth!
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